Welcome wizard!
Recently, by pure accident I encountered into a mystical trader.

As he claims, his story goes on for thousands of years but I  also suspect it involves few other worlds too (yes, yes in other dimensions).

Honestly he was not polite at all and he had that kind of a sharp tongue, which you would really want to instantly lock with some spell! Anyway, few HOURS later I was finally able to squeeze out few deals from him.

After the overwhelmingly hard negotiations, he agreed to supply all of my friends with some amazing and exotic vanity goods (for wizards only)
In our realm, we knew nothing about such things, or we knew very little. To learn more, teleport yourself to the Vanity section.

Powerful and beautiful dragons with good SP and other random drops can populate the world of Minecraft Magic! The goal completes through - One time donations option.
Bring Dragons To Magic!

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All Vanity purchases are instantly applied to the community goals progress bar. Support the server to cover it's expenses and to reach the next milestone for max slots.
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